FONASC DF DIVULGA – book Groundwater Resource Development: Effects and Sustainability by Dr.Leonard F. Konikow and Dr. John D. Bredehoeft is now available to download!

The free and original book Groundwater Resource Development: Effects and Sustainability by Dr.Leonard F. Konikow and Dr. John D. Bredehoeft is now available to download!
“The authors of this book, Lenny Konikow and John Bredehoeft (both emeritus of the USGS), have played key roles in the development and applications of the most advanced computer models for simulating aquifer exploitation and have long been leaders in the quest to integrate the appropriate models and concepts into sustainable groundwater development”, Dr. John Cherry - Leader of the Groundwater Project


Book Description:
This book discusses ideas associated with development of groundwater at the macro scale, including how well pumpage affects surface water, groundwater storage, and the long-term sustainability of groundwater development. The authors do not focus on well hydraulics, well interference, or design of wells or well fields. Instead, they begin with where water comes from when one pumps a single well and proceed to the scale at which an entire aquifer system is developed. These ideas date back to a paper by Theis (1940) on the source of water derived from wells. Theis (1940) noted that all pumpage is balanced by a loss of water somewhere, with the loss during early time coming largely from storage. As time advances, pumpage tends to be balanced increasingly by some combination of increases in recharge and decreases in discharge.
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